NTN Bearing

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Brand Model Size
NTN 1200S 10x30x9
NTN 1201S 12x32x10
NTN 1202S 15x35x11
NTN 1203S 17x40x12
NTN 1204S 20x47x14
NTN 1204SK 20x47x14
NTN 1205S 25x52x15
NTN 1205SK 25x52x15
NTN 1206S 30x62x16
NTN 1206SK 30x62x16
NTN 1207S 35x72x17
NTN 1207SK 35x72x17
NTN 1208S 40x80x18
NTN 1208SK 40x80x18
NTN 1209S 45x85x19
NTN 1209SK 45x85x19
NTN 120BA-16 120x165x22
NTN 1210S 50x90x20
NTN 1210SK 50x90x20
NTN 1211S 55x100x21
NTN 1211SK 55x100x21
NTN 1212S 60x110x22
NTN 1212SK 60x110x22
NTN 1213S 65x120x23
NTN 1213SK 65x120x23
NTN 1214S 70x125x24
NTN 1215S 75x130x25
NTN 1215SK 75x130x25
NTN 1216S 80x140x26
NTN 1216SK 80x140x26
NTN 1217S 85x150x28
NTN 1217SK 85x150x28
NTN 1218S 90x160x30
NTN 1218SK 90x160x30
NTN 1219S 95x170x32
NTN 1219SK 95x170x32
NTN 1220S 100x180x34
NTN 1220SK 100x180x34
NTN 1221S 105x190x36
NTN 1222S 110x200x38
NTN 1222SK 110x200x38
NTN 1300S 10x35x11
NTN 1301S 12x37x12
NTN 1302S 15x42x13
NTN 1303S 17x47x14
NTN 1304S 20x52x15
NTN 1304SK 20x52x15
NTN 1305S 25x62x17
NTN 1305SK 25x62x17
NTN 1306S 30x72x19
NTN 1306SK 30x72x19
NTN 1307S 35x80x21
NTN 1307SK 35x80x21
NTN 1308S 40x90x23
NTN 1308SK 40x90x23
NTN 1309S 45x100x25
NTN 1309SK 45x100x25
NTN 1310S 50x110x27
NTN 1310SK 50x110x27
NTN 1311S 55x120x29
NTN 1311SK 55x120x29
NTN 1312S 60x130x31
NTN 1312SK 60x130x31
NTN 1313S 65x140x33
NTN 1313SK 65x140x33
NTN 1314S 70x150x35
NTN 1315S 75x160x37
NTN 1315SK 75x160x37
NTN 1316S 80x170x39
NTN 1316SK 80x170x39
NTN 1317S 85x180x41
NTN 1317SK 85x180x41
NTN 1318S 90x190x43
NTN 1318SK 90x190x43
NTN 1319S 95x200x45
NTN 1319SK 95x200x45
NTN 1320S 100x215x47
NTN 1320SK 100x215x47
NTN 1321S 105x225x49
NTN 1322S 110x240x50
NTN 1322SK 110x240x50
NTN 16001 12x28x7
NTN 16002 15x32x8
NTN 16003 17x35x8
NTN 16003/16 16x35x8
NTN 16004 20x42x8
NTN 16004/22 22x42x8
NTN 16005 25x47x8
NTN 16005/50 25x50x8
NTN 16006 30x55x9
NTN 16007 35x62x9
NTN 16007/36 36x62x9
NTN 16008 40x68x9
NTN 16008C3V4 40x68x9
NTN 16009 45x75x10
NTN 16010 50x80x10
NTN 16011 55x90x11
NTN 16012 60x95x11
NTN 16013 65x100x11
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